Friday July 20th

Will & Jack have been much more settled today - hurrah. The doctor came to visit & he's prescribed some infacol for Will to help him release his wind - he was having loads of trouble with it & seemed to be in loads of pain - anyway it seems to be working so far - he's burping really well & is a bit more settled.

We were just doing the last feed of the evening - I'd bathed both of them & was feeling very proud of myself. I am breastfeeding & then giving a bottle top up. We had nearly run out of teats from the hospital so I decided to try Jack with one of the bottles we had bought. He seemed to be sucking but not taking any so we thought he wasn't hungry. I was changing his nappy a bit later & I noticed he was blue around his lips. We decided to call NHS direct & they phoned an ambulance straight away so we ended up in LGI casualty at midnight on a Friday night - lovely! They decided to keep Jack in overnight just to make sure that he was breathing okay so I only managed one night out of hospital & we were back again. Anyway he was checked out by a consultant this morning and he's fine. It turns out that there was no hole in his bottle. We never thought to check that- it was my mum that found it. I felt so stupid. Anyway he's fine & that's the important thing.

They are just about to get bathed & have their last feed of the evening, so wish us luck for tonight. If I get a couple of hours sleep I'll be happy.

Thursday July 19th

"Hurrah, we've been released!!" Well - that was my first thought anyway. We didn't get home till about 8pm & we had visitors till late. The boys had a really, really unsettled night & cried all the time! Corm and I got no sleep at all. It was really difficult - my routine, that I was so proud of in hospital, went right out of the window, we woke up everytime they stirred & they wanted feeding all the time - at least that's what it felt like.

Wednesday July 18th

Hurrah - Will has his tube taken out last night. That's a big step forward. I fed them both together again this morning but this time I was on my own and it went fine. Apparently there are two sets of twins in the neonatal unit that are ready to come to this ward. That means that they will want to get rid of someone from here. So it's looking good for us going home as long as Will carries on the way he is! HURRAH!!

Tuesday July 17th

Have moved Will on from just being fed down his tube to taking a bottle and breastfeeding. At the first attempt he took 33mls from the bottle which is excellent (he's been having 40 mls down his tube - so trust me, he's done really well).

I have also breastfed them together for the first time today. They are trying to see if both of them will go 4 hours between feeds & tonight they both woke together so there was nothing else for it. It was great - Jack just loves eating anyway so he enjoyed it and Will did really well.

Oh! I don't know if I mentioned that I was concerned because Jack wasn't putting on weight - well he was weighed today & he's put on a little bit more which is great - he now weighs 5lbs 12oz - nearly back to his birth weight.

Well Jack is due a feed now so I'll have to go. I'll write again when I can.

Sunday July 15th

Boys are now 12 days old and doing really well - Will is putting on weight, he is now 1.715kg (3lbs 12oz I think), he's getting more alert all the time and is having a good go at breast feeding - he get most of this food through a tube up his nose - poor thing. We've had a couple of hiccups with Will which has been worrying. One of the midwives noticed that his tummy was swollen -they thought it might be an infection & it was so that meant he would have to go back to the special care baby unit to have antibiotics for around 7 days - I was frantic! They took him for an X-ray (of course, as soon as his nappy was off he had a massive poo and a wee!). When the doctor came to look at it he thought everything looked ok but he wanted to double check with another X-ray the following day.

Anyway everything is fine with him - he didn't have an infection - maybe just a bit trapped wind!! Will is really placid - he's got big dark blue eyes & he's really interested in what's going on around him. He hardly ever cries (so far!) he even likes it in the bath (yes I've done it solo).

Jack is doing fine - he's just a huge greedy monster although he's putting on weight as quickly as Will, Jack now weighs 2.535kg (5lbs 9ozs). So he's not back to his birth weight. They were worried that he might have a urinary infection, so he had to have a load of tests done too, poor love. It's really hard to remember that his premature too - he still looks so big next to Will. Anyway he's breastfeeding, so it's really difficult to know how much he's getting, so I top up every feed with a bottle. It's really tricky to get the balance right because to start with he was staying on for an hour (sucking mummy beats sucking a dummy) Anyway this seems to be working well so far & Jack is settling down. Jack is the brash one and wants lots of attention and cuddles. He has loads of dark brown hair & it's really fluffy - he doesn't like the bath as much as Will but he's getting used to it.

Thursday July 5th

All together for the first time. Will came up from neonatal and Jack & I came through to meet him on the transitional ward - that's where they look after babies that aren't well enough to go home but aren't sick enough for neonatal. It's dead nice; the staff are great & really look after the boys and me too (hurrah!). It's really given me an opportunity to try to get the boys into a routine & they are both monitored really closely.

Tuesday July 3rd

Born on the 3rd July, William Harvey Goode - 9.33am, 1.43 kg (3lbs 3oz in real money) and Jack Bernie Goode - 9.34am, 2.67 kg (5lbs 14oz). Caesarian went really well - I recommend it to anyone!

When they were born the nurses lifted them straight up so we could see them (Jack was shown to us facing the wrong way so all we could see was his little arse & a pair of balls!), Will was taken straight to the neonatal unit because he was so small but Jack was handed straight to Cormac & he was able to hold him while they finished me off - it felt like I was being hoovered inside! I was then taken back to the ward with Jack. I had a little side room for myself which was very nice and cosy. Jack breastfed straight away - greedy little monster! Once I felt a bit more like myself, we went down to neonatal to see little William - bless him. He looked so small in his incubator. He did really well though, he didn't need oxygen, he just needed a bit of help to keep his temperature. Cormac got to change his very first nappy! He had to reach thought the little doors in the front of the incubator! He did really well. I was dead proud of him (I would have changed the nappy but, well, I'd just come out of major surgery - nevermind).

Annette also had her baby on the same day - if you can believe it - Amy Melissa Conway, born on 3rd July, 4.30pm, 7lbs 12oz. She's massive compared to mine! Mother and baby are both doing well - they went home on Sunday 8th July & they've had a couple of outing already.

Week 36 - June 26th

Well this is the last entry I shall make before I am mum!! I had my scan on Wednesday as planned & Chaz had grown a little bit. Hurrah, thought I - they will probably leave them a little bit longer to 'cook'. Just shows how much I know!! We were trying really hard not to predict what was going on- but we still did.

Anyway - I went back to the hospital on Thursday & they have decided to bring me in on Tuesday 3rd July. Even though Chaz has grown, they think that it will be better for them to be delivered. I have to have a caesarian (don't know if that's spelt right!) because Chaz is so small & they don't want to put him through the trauma of a normal delivery. Also if they just induced me they don't really know how long it would take for me to actually go into labour or how many doses it will take to start me off. This way seems altogether better. It is a bit scary though knowing that Corm & I will be parents by this time next week.

I have to go back to the hospital on Saturday for them to monitor Chaz 'n' Dave's heartbeats & then again on Monday. I also get to meet the team that will do the operation. How scary!! Then we're under the knife on Tuesday. I should be in hospital (LGI) for about 5-7 days so any visitors will bemore than welcome. Fingers crossed that both babies will be OK & then we can all come out together. Wish me luck!! Next time I will post lots of pictures of Chaz 'n' Dave.

Week 35 - June 19th

Just when you think you know what's going on - they just totally surprise you!! Basically Corm & I have stopped trying to guess what's going on with Chaz 'n' Dave & what the hospital are going to do next.

Over the weekend I was a bit worried about the babies movement. I could feel movement on one side but not the other. I thought both babies were laying head down & straight up, so I thought I should be getting movement on both sides. Anyway Corm insisted that we phone the hospital & they wanted me to go in so they could monitor the movements. I was there for 2 hours! They put heart monitors on me & then did a scan & it turned out that Dave was laying across my ribs which is why I wasn't getting the movement I expected. It really put my mind at rest which was great. The hospital were fab too & didn't make me feel as if I was wasting their time.

Anyway I had my doppler scan on Monday - to measure the flow through the cord & everything is fine. They are looking at the amount of liquid around Chaz as well as the flow & that's fine too. They couldn't do another growth scan 'cos it's too close to the last one - so they don't want to see me again 'till next Wednesday. Like I said - just when we think we know what's going on they surprise us. We were sure that I would have them by the end of this week. I'll probably end up going overdue!!

Week 34 - June 12th

I had my latest scan on Wednesday this week. Chaz hasn't grown at all this time. His measurements are exactly this same as 2 weeks ago. He is now well below the line for small babies. I felt sure that this was it & by the weekend Corm & I would be parents. Anyway we've been & seen the doctor today who is part of our consultants team & she said that she wasn't too worried. She didn't want to bring me in. She wants to do regular scans to make sure that the blood flow to the placenta is good (which it is at the moment) and as long as that stays the same they will leave Chaz 'n' Dave as long as poss. Although she said it would probably be within the next 2 weeks - we'll see!!

I was so sure that I would be going into hospital today that I even took my bags with me! I'm glad that I don't have to go in not only 'coz it's better for Chaz 'n' Dave but because we still have loads to do at home. All my list of jobs that I wanted to keep to do during my maternity leave. Of course it's not going to be as long as I thought. I'm very glad I've finished work now - I'm so knackered, I have to have an afternoon nap!!

Oh - I nearly forgot to mention - I got loads of lovely presents on Friday when I left work. I very nearly cried but I managed not to!!

Week 33 - June 5th

I went for my scan last Wednesday & got a bit of bad news. Chaz isn't growing properly - He has grown a little bit since I had my last scan but where he was nearly average size last time he's right at the bottom of the smallest babies on the chart now. I have spoken to the consultant & they don't seem to be too worried just yet. I've got to go back next week to have another growth scan & if Chaz hasn't grown anymore they will induce me. That will make me 34 weeks. That means that Corm & I could be parents much sooner than we thought!! There is so much to do - we had left loads of jobs for when I left work so that I wouldn't get bored & now we're going to have to make sure that everything is done NOW!!

I don't know how likely it is that they will induce me next week I will just have to see how Chaz is doing, Oh - by the way Dave is fine - thriving in fact which is great. They have told me at the hospital that the only danger to Chaz 'n' Dave if they do come early is that their lungs are not properly formed so I have has a couple of steroid injections to help that along- God they hurt!!

Well thank God I finish work on Friday - I can't wait I'm so ready for it - especially if I have them next week!! You never know it may be Corm writing next time to say that they are here!!!

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